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TOSEC: Sega Pico (2012-04-13)

Published April 13, 2012

The Sega Pico, also known as Kids Computer Pico (キッズコンピューター・ピコ Kizzu Konpyūtā Piko?), is an electronic toy by Sega. The aim of creating the Pico was to get more young children (specifically, ages 2–8) to use video game systems.

The Pico was the first Sega-branded console to carry an officially licensed game from former competitor Nintendo.

The Pico was released in 1993 in Japan and 1994 in North America and Europe. In Japan, the system was a huge success and games were developed until 2005. In North America and Europe, however, the Pico was less successful and games were only developed until 1997. The Pico was also released in South Korea by Samsung, and it was very successful in that region. To celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2003 in Japan, Sega re-released some of the Pico games. As of April 2005, 3.4 million Pico consoles and 11.2 million software cartridges had been sold.
The Sega Pico's slogan was: "The computer that thinks it's a toy."

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